Prophetess Lady Annie


A New Day has come

A daughter born of the Deborah Generation graced with the Apostolic and Prophetic Mantle of Fire – My Godly assignment started at the age of 6. I would have dreams that would manifest in a 24-hour span. I thought I was crazy, seeing things that I saw in my dreams materialize right in front of me, hearing a voice that would speak to me about people. I would look around and ask my friends “Hey did you hear that”? And of course, the response would be a hard No.

To avoid being teased in school, I became silent and would confide only in my mother who would only smile and comfort me and say you are ok, don’t worry your time will come. As time went on, I joined a bible believing church (Deeper Life). That is when I became deeply rooted in the word and attending youth retreats – I would read the bible on the weekends like a story book. I learnt at that age that, like many before me, this was a rare gift similar to what The LORD had given to Samuel and Joseph. Just like them the struggle and the urge to cultivate it would be a journey like none other until an opportune season when it would be harvested for the work of GOD. I understood not only the calling upon my life but also the gift GOD had blessed me with. The struggle was accepting, understanding, and not allowing it to be suppressed by people.

Like many, I went through life facing the world heads on. Throughout the years and under the mentorship of some powerful well-known women and men of GOD I have responded to the call upon my life. One that is to Encourage, Equip & Empower people all over the world, utilizing the Prophetic and Apostolic Mantle of Fire upon my life. My journey through weeping to Joy has been like none other- masked with pain, heartache, bitterness, and struggles – This Daughter of the Debraoh Generation, The Daughter of Zion – Is now leaping into her Joy to help souls in dire need indeed NO WORD OF GOD WILL EVER FAIL!



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