Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it the issues of Life. – Proverbs 4:23

Are you going through a tough and unbearable situation? Are the issues of life knocking on your door?  Maybe you need someone to talk to? Or do you need answers to some very curious but personal questions? What about that burning question that you feel will let people judge you? That question that is embarrassing yet important for you to know the answer to? or maybe that question that you feel uncomfortable asking your church members, pastor, coworkers, friends and or family members. Well beloved, get ready for CHAT IT UP, an interactive session brought to you by Nuggets of Wisdom. It is where every anything under the sun – be it sex, relationships, marriage, friendships, family, work, race, ministerial to spiritual questions are discussed –

CHAT IT UP is Unfiltered, Unscripted, and transparent – YOU ASK – WE ANSWER THEM. These sessions are live and headed by women and men of GOD who have not only been where you are but have emerged victoriously out of these issues and situations. They have been blessed with godly knowledge and wisdom to help you navigate through every storm, issue, and situation. The best advice comes from experience and the WORD of GOD. This is one ministry under Nuggets of Wisdom, that is as personal, transparent, and honest as you will get– Answers to the questions that you seek with nothing being off limits – Join the prophetess and others as they go live in a relaxed setting to answer these questions.


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